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Character journal for ergheiz_etic (Side Note: I'm going on the assumption that this is happening while in mid-game, so the background and personality will only cover up to the point in which I decided to send Luke off to school. And though they're kept to a minimum, there are some spoilers in here.)

Layout couteousy of thefulcrum

Name: Luke fon Fabre

Games Featured in: Tales of the Abyss

Age: 7, looks 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Status: Single

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Race: Replica

Hair: Long red

Eyes: Green

Likes: [placeholder]

Dislikes: [placeholder]

Room: Firaga Monestery 105E

Suitemate: Tira Geier

Roomate: ---

Current Job: ---

Past Jobs: Kimlascan Ambassador

Current Classes
Technology and Social Development I
Algebra IA
Battle Stances
Speaking Properly
Understanding Your Opponent

Former Classes


Luke literally has the mentality of a 7 year old. Of course, since he looks much older than seven, his behavior tends to rub people the wrong way. Though he's gotten over his extremely spoiled disposition since his journey began, he still tends to whine a lot. He usually says the first thing that pops into mind without a second thought as to how it may offend people or taken the wrong way. He believes in an "act now, sit around and discuss things later" approach.

It's not a stretch to say Luke is selfish. He doesn't enjoy killing people, even if he knows he has no other choice, but in a whole, if it has nothing to do with him, he sees no point in doing anything. Why should he go out of his way to help people that have nothing to do with him? Luke tends to be more concerned with what he's eating for dinner than the plight of others. Of course, Luke also has a massive ego and impressive pride in himself. An insult to his pride is an easy way to talk him into just about anything.


Luke grew up within the manor of a nobleman's family related to the royal family of the Kimlasca Kingdom. He suffers from extreme amnesia, and can't remember anything earlier than seven years ago. He was told that he was kidnapped by enemy forces, the incident seemingly being traumatic to the point he couldn't remember it. For his own safety, he had been banned from leaving the manor at any point, until he turned 21. In reality, Luke was cloned from someone, and was only conceived into being seven years ago. So, although he was told he was 17 and appears to be so, he is only actually 7. At the moment, Luke doesn't know this, and very few people are aware of this fact.

His seclusion has made him shockingly ignorant of what things are like in the outside world; even the simplest of matters like buying food. He was home schooled in some book studies, such as how to read and write, math, and a very limited history. The only thing he really looked forward to was his sword practices with his sensei, Master Van, and his servant, Guy. Even still, his sword training was very limited.

When the manor was attacked, Luke and the leader of the attack, a woman named Tear, ended up accidentally forming a resonance which resulted in them getting teleported far away into enemy territory. All of a sudden, Luke was thrust into the outside world he was so eager to see but was completely unaccustomed to. Forced to work with Tear to try and return to the castle, he found himself completely at a loss of what to do and how to handle himself outside. Usually his brash actions and loud-mouthed nature caused them more trouble than necessary.

On the long trip back home, he's forced to face a lot of issues he never knew even existed; one of which being how bad the war was between the countries. Another odd occurrence was his getting headaches in which he hears someone's voice. Occasionally, it takes control of his body, though not for long. Because he's a stubborn brat, he doesn't tell anyone about this outside of Guy and Master Van. The journey's most impacting effect on Luke, however, was the reality of killing. Killing an animal and killing a person were two different things. It took Luke quite a while to build up the courage to admit that sometimes, killing people was necessary. He still hated it though.

The reality of killing helped mature him a bit, albeit not much. By the time he returned to the castle, he had obviously grown a bit mentally. He was allowed to leave the castle after that point, seeing as he'd already been outside and exposed to its dangers.

It's here his family thought it best to send Luke to Ergheiz Institute. If he's to continue venturing into the outside world as the Kimlascan ambassador, he'll need to educate himself on worldly matters and possibly grow up a little bit. So despite massive protests, Luke will now be attending school. He'll be applying as a senior in high school.



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